midge protection
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Midge Protection for the Outdoors

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(24th June 2021)

Midge armour Ltd specialises in midge protection using ultra fine netting that doesn't impair vision

There are a multitude of lotions and potions out there for keeping the dreaded midge at bay. Some of them even work, kind of. And some of them are infamous for melting your clothes!

At Midge Armour we believe the most effective protection you can have is a physical barrier. A midge net can greatly reduce the chance of a midge getting to your skin to bite you. But as we all know this comes at the cost of not seeing clearly, which can be annoying at best and can hinder your enjoyment and safety at worst. At Midge Armour we have incorporated glasses in to a midge net to help give you midge protection with clear vision.

Our Range

We currently have two ranges available. The “Original” range uses good quality “wrap around” glasses available with clear or tinted lenses.

And the “Pro” range, a harder wearing version using “spoggle” type glasses. These have a foam insert around the inside of the frame providing a close fit which can be removed if a more conventional fit is required. These are available in clear, tinted and yellow lenses.

As we use wrap around glasses to maintain a wide a field of vision you won’t even notice you are wearing Midge Armour after a couple of minutes.

Since launching Midge Armour we have made life in the outdoors with the midge a little more bearable for people such as…..

• Photographers, bird watchers and naturalists.
• Outdoor workers in forestry, construction and engineering
• Hill walkers, mountain bikers and kayakers.
• Fishermen, grouse shooters, deer stalkers and game keepers.

In short, anyone who spends time outside when the midges are out can benefit from Midge Armour protection whilst still being able to see clearly.

A quick word on how to use your Midge Armour net.

The midge net material is fragile and easily torn, please be gentle with it. We have experimented with other fabrics and found that midge net material needs to be thin and breathable in order to make it comfortable which, unfortunately makes it fragile.

•  Ladies, please watch out for sharp rings and jewellery that might catch on the net and tear it.

•  Gentlemen, please be as delicate as you can.

To put the net on: gently open it up, turn the net inside out and don the glasses like normal. Carefully fold the net back over your head. If you get hot and bothered, like any glasses, they will steam up. There are many anti-fogging products on the market that may help, but the best bet is to avoid getting hot and bothered, if possible !

We provide Midge Armour nets in a protective metal tin. Please use it to prevent damage to the material and glasses when you are not wearing them.

If you have any questions or enquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the email or telephone number at the top of the page.

Please note that Midge Armour is not an absolute guarantee against midge protection, but does help guard against their intrusive nature enormously.